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A brief guide to our fitness classes.

An ancient oriental therapy that uses posture, breathing exercises and meditation to help calm and relax the mind and body. An excellent way to relieve stress and increase vitality.

Designed to work the body from those deep core muscles. Elongating the body developing abdominal and back muscles. Pilates enhances your posture improving your strength flexibility and co-ordination.

This class combines powerhouse moves developed from a range of self-defence disciplines. An intense cardiovascular workout that will burn calories and increase fitness levels, resulting in a lean, toned body.

Spinning is the original indoor cycling programme. It is a journey to health and fitness, an opportunity to experience an incredible training programme. Spinning is prolific calorie guzzler and burns fat fast. Its murder on the butt and thighs, so not only will you feel great but you will look amazing!

A barbell based workout combining high repetition weight training with aerobic conditioning. This class will improve your muscle tone and definition helping you to lose weight and ultimately change your body shape.

A dynamic fitness to music program where east meets west incorporating yoga, tai chi and pilates. Body balance lengthens and strengthens muscles, improves co-ordination and balance promoting a state of energised calm.

Using the water as resistance will allow you to tone and tighten muscles. A combination of body resistance and small pieces of equipments such as woggles, aqua dumbbells, and aqua mitts is sure to get you working and ease any stress on joints.

Take salsa. Cha cha, samba, tango, meringue, hints of flamenco, calypso, hip hop and belly dancing, put into an easy to follow workout routine with slow and fast rhythms and you have ZUMBA.

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